7 Sneaky Breast Cancer Signs Women Shouldn’t Ignore

Sign 1: Skin problems

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Changes in breasts and inflammation in the skin can also be a breast cancer symbol. It leads to a change in texture. For example, you may find scaly skin around the nipple, and it may feel like a sunburn. These changes in texture will cause itching, and it is not very common. It can be an indication of a very rare cancer called Paget’s disease. Moreover, if you find a spot or mole on your breast, you should immediately inform your doctor.

Sign 2: Swelling

The swelling of breasts is one of the clear Breast cancer signs. It can cause an area or entire breast to swell. After swelling, you may not be able to notice a distinct lump, but you will feel a change in the size of your breast. People may have breasts that are a bit different in size all the time, and it is normal, but in swelling, you will notice difference than usual.

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