7 Sneaky Breast Cancer Signs Women Shouldn’t Ignore

Nipple Discharge

You may experience discharge from the nipple. Nipple discharge can be thick or thin or may have different colors like green, red, or milky to yellow. Those who are breastfeeding don’t have to worry about it. There are some other reasons for nipple discharge, but in most cases, it is 4 stage breast cancer, so giving your doctor a visit is necessary for stage 4 breast cancer treatment.

Pain in breast

Pain in breasts or nipple can be one of breast cancer signs. It causes changes in skin cells, which lead to tenderness and feeling of discomfort. Although in most cases, breast cancer is painless, you should not ignore any sign. Some people may describe this pain as heartburn. Overeating, drinking alcohol, and living a stressful life can cause severe heartburn.

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